You re broke because you want to be free pdf

How to Get Happy when You’re You re broke because you want to be free pdf. In many cases, sadness is a normal human reaction to different life changes and events.

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The good news is that everyone also has the capacity to feel happiness and that there are things you can do to unlock that capacity and feel better. Consider buying a journal that you can designate just for writing down your thoughts and feelings. Often it is helpful to document your feelings of sadness in writing in order to better make sense of them. This will help you get “in tune” with yourself and achieve a deeper level of self-understanding. Journaling – even for 20 minutes a day – works to clarify and organize your thoughts about your sadness, which may help you to better pinpoint the reasons why you are feeling sad. It also helps you keep track of your behavioral and emotional patterns. Additionally, some research has found that journaling can even help your physical health and strengthen your immune system because it works to reduce stress.

While writing, concentrate on what you are writing, not how you are writing it. In other words, don’t focus on your grammar or spelling. I have had a particularly rough day today – my sad thoughts about the divorce will not leave me alone. Sometimes I’m not sure if I should even still feel sad about it because even though it happened a year ago, the marriage had been dead for a long time. But I do worry that I’m stuck in the past and that my kids are suffering for it. I’m also angry at myself for not being able to let myself let the sadness past go.