Workkeys applied mathematics level 5 pdf

Employers use workkeys applied mathematics level 5 pdf analysis to determine which skills are required for a job, and the level of each skill needed to perform the job successfully. In the job profiling process, ACT-licensed profilers visit with the client company or organization and determine background information on the job to be profiled and how specifically the job relates to the company. The profiler then compiles an initial list of the tasks most relevant to the job being profiled. The subject matter experts then decide what minimum level of each skill is required to perform the job successfully.

They are awarded certificates of Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels, depending on their test scores. 11th graders that also includes the ACT Test. These state initiatives include skill credentialing programs that are affiliated with the ACT National Career Readiness Certificate. According to ACT, 38 states were participating in the program as of 2011. ACT press release, September 27, 2006.

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