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Owens and Raye recorded a number of hit albums and singles together, and were one wiggins music education book pdf the most successful country duet acts of the era, in addition to their solo careers. Raye first began singing with a high school rock group, but after the band called it quits, she auditioned for a local country station. She moved to Bakersfield and began singing with Owens in 1968, and soon after she cut her first recordings. Susan Raye’s first sessions as Buck Owens’s duet partner were released in 1970.

Top 20 hits that year, as were the title tracks to each album and a third single, “Togetherness”. The song “The Great White Horse” peaked at No. 8 and was the most successful Owens-Raye duet. Raye’s signature song, peaking at No. The record was a major international pop hit in several countries, however, enjoying its greatest success in New Zealand where it hit No. 1 for two weeks, and in Australia where it hit No.

2 and ranked as the No. Airport” did well in the Record World “Non-Rock” chart, while strangely failing to appear in Billboard’s comparable “Easy Listening” Top 40. Raye married Owens’ drummer Jerry Wiggins in 1972. They have been married for over 40 years and are the parents of six children.

Raye had an additional two Top 20 Country hits in 1972 from separate albums, “Wheel of Fortune” and “Love Sure Feels Good in My Heart”. 18 on the Billboard Country Chart that year. The second single, “When You Get Back from Nashville”, was not as successful and peaked outside Country’s Top 40. Top 40 hit from the album. In 1976 however, Owens severed his ties with Capitol Records and closed down his Bakersfield unit for the label. It was Raye’s last studio album issued from a major record label.

In the late 70s, Raye dropped out of the music business, citing family and religion as her reasons. 1985, which produced two more chart singles on Billboard. The A-side of the album featured updated rerecordings of Raye’s biggest hits. This album is Raye’s last recording to date. She has been completely retired from show business since 1986.

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