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In placing the attempts to teach language to nonhuman species in both a cultural and philosophical context, we consider evolutionary claims about the origins of human language, and Quine’s why do black people think their lessor than others pdf of translation thesis. In contrasting the natural language acquired by humans with the artificial language taught nonhumans, we propose treating the human mind as a blend of learning, hard-wiring and cognition.

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We discuss the nature of each of the components, suggest how they may interact, and compare the three-component human system with the two-component system of other species. En situant dans des contextes culturels et philosophiques les tentatives d’enseigner le langage à des espèces non humaines, les auteurs ont examiné les positions évolutionnistes de l’origine du langage ainsi que la thèse de Quine sur l’adéquation imparfaite de la traduction. L’opposition du langage naturel acquis par les humains et du langage artificiel enseigné aux non humains, les amènent à traiter l’esprit humain comme une combinaison d’apprentissage, de cablages et de cognition. Les auteurs discutent la nature de chacun de ces composants, suggèrent des interactions possibles et comparent le système humain à trois composants avec le système à deux composants des autres espèces. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. This is an outline of a book by the same title, to be published by MIT Press, Bradford Books.

I am indebted to Lila Gleitman, editor of the series, whose helpful comments first encouraged a manuscript to regard itself as a book. Quick phone conversations and catch-as-catch-can exchanges on Walnut Street with Bill Labov, have lighted more paths than he is likely to imagine. I treat it in the book. The research reported here has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation. 1985 Published by Elsevier B.

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