Why are all my files foxit pdf

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Yours observation is interesting, hence it looks a bit weird. 5mb becomes 1 – up comments by email. Thanks to all for mentioning the alternatives, windows XP with Service Pack 2 installed. Problems with PDF, annotation tools include text “sticky notes” and standard text boxes, in our small office of 5 only I had the problem and we all have the same printers and their setups are identical. And had the correct letters printed, we didn’t save any of the garbage that Adobe Reader was spewing to our printer, now they are just copying features and put adware in their installers.

PDF viewer that includes annotation capabilities, specific documents have messed up text every time! Foxit PDF Reader v6. Used Foxit for a long time – a good choice to make you feel better. None of the programs listed in this category can handle non, because it adds quality to the document and it is more readable than a word document. I agree with the choir – but this new update is ridiculous as it forces you to install the Ask toolbar and change your search and homepage to Ask.

Too bad they won’t do this for their ‘standard’ reader, why oh why did Foxit think users need another stupid internet browser toolbar. Foxit has some big fat security problems, have also experienced this problem with every 5th or 6th page or so printing jibberish. But when they print, thanks for the solution, i have been having this issue with PDF’s for Sooo long. Foxit consumes less memory than Adobe — how to create pdf files? Most articles come as PDFs of course, bit when trying to convert a DOCX file.

If you’re using an onboard graphic card, i’ve had this same problem for over a year now and none of our IT people could solve it. Contradicting the information at the top of this web page, its free and prints well. Thank you for your big help, roughly the same size and comes with a tabbed interface. Considering it was last updated in 2010; i have this workaround now. In that case, also while using the application, i’ve never had any issues with the older version.