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If you are embarking on a journey of self-discovery to find yourself, then you may be interested in reading this article! Free Textbooks: how is this possible? This book offers essential guidance on selecting the most appropriate surgical management option for a variety of spinal conditions, including idiopathic problems, and degenerative disease. While the first part of the book discusses the neuroanatomy and biomechanics of the spine, pain mechanisms, and imaging techniques, the second guides the reader through the diagnostic process and treatment selection for disorders of the different regions of the spine, based on the principles of evidence-based medicine.

The book identifies potential complications and highlights technical pearls, describing newer surgical techniques and illustrating them with the help of images and accompanying videos. Though primarily intended for neurosurgeons, the book will also be of interest to orthopaedic surgeons, specialists in physical medicine, and pain specialists. Stroke is a leading cause of disability in adults and recovery is often difficult, with existing rehabilitation therapies largely ineffective. In Broken Movement, John Krakauer and S. Thomas Carmichael, both experts in the field, provide an account of the neurobiology of motor recovery in the arm and hand after stroke. They cover topics that range from behavior to physiology to cellular and molecular biology. Broken Movement is the only accessible single-volume work that covers motor control and motor learning as they apply to stroke recovery and combines them with motor cortical physiology and molecular biology.

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