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Please forward this error screen to uttar pradesh map in pdf. This article is about the municipality in Uttar Pradesh, India. Feroz Shah Tughlaq’s daughter, as the governor of the region. The Sultanate was in disarray because of factional fighting for power, and in 1393 Malik Sarwar declared independence.

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During the Sharqi period the Jaunpur Sultanate was a strong military power in Northern India, and on several occasions threatened the Delhi Sultanate. Silver coin of 32 rattis issued by Ibrahim Shah of Jaunpur. It depicts the elephant Citranand attacking another, called Udiya, during the Mughal campaign against the rebel forces of Khan Zaman and Bahadur Khan in 1567. Jaunpur army was perhaps the biggest in India, and Husain decided to attempt a conquest of Delhi. It is a dominant trend in modern historiography of the period that this defeat was a cause of a large number of eunuchs in the military ranks.

Delhi Sultante was able to reconquer Jaunpur in 1493, bringing that sultanate to an end. The Sharqi kings attempted for several years to retake the city, but ultimately failed. The Jaunpur mosques display a unique architectural style, combining traditional Hindu and Muslim motifs with purely original elements. Jaunpur joined the Indian rebels. Jaunpur then became a district administrative center. Jaunpur is the district headquarters.

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As per provisional data of 2011 census, Jaunpur had population of 1,80,362 of which male and female were 93,718 and 86,644 respectively. The literacy rate was 82. With a sex ratio of 1024 female per 1000 male. Hindi and Urdu are the main spoken languages in Jaunpur.

Allahababd, Varanasi, Lucknow Via Sultanpur, Lucknow via Shahgan, Ghazipur via Jaunpur junction. Mariahu NH-56, SH-36 are the roadways connecting all major cities to Jaunpur. It is one of the educational hubs of eastern Uttar Pradesh, established in 1987 as a residential-cum-affiliating university. Jaunpur district has more than 50 Graduate and post graduate institutes and more than 200 undergraduate colleges and more than 300 colleges up to high school. School: Only real convent school affliated to CBSE in Jaunpur. It has only 1 I. GSG, GS Green Enterpriese Katehari- Leduka Jaunpur was established in March 2017 by the Govt.