Two patients with congenital plasmodium falciparum malaria pdf iranian

This chapter reviews the past and current data on this unique pharmacogenetic association, which is becoming increasingly important as several nations now consider strategies to eliminate malaria transmission rather than control its clinical burden. Consideration of factors including aspects two patients with congenital plasmodium falciparum malaria pdf iranian basic physiology, diagnosis, and clinical triggers of primaquine-induced haemolysis is required to assess the risks and benefits of applying primaquine in various geographic and demographic settings. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Further documentation is available here.

Thalassemia is one of the most common single gene disorders worldwide. 70 thousand affected infants are born annually worldwide. All papers reporting on the mutation frequency of beta thalassemia patients were selected to analyze the frequency of mutations in different regions and various ethnicities. Mutations of 31,734 individuals were identified. Twenty common mutations were selected for further analysis. Secondary structure prediction was achieved for two common mutations with online tools. Computational analyses could be used in addition to segregation and expression analysis to assess the extent of pathogenicity of the variant.

The genetics of beta thalassemia in Iran is more extensively heterogeneous than in neighboring countries. Some common mutations have arisen historically from Iran and moved to other populations due to population migrations. Also, due to genetic drift, the frequencies of some mutations have increased in small populations. The stakes are very high, and the underlying issues are very important. These include how agencies define need, determine eligibility, and decide what support to provide to whom. The governance of these processes is also crucial. However, allocation has attracted very little scrutiny.

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