Training needs analysis questionnaire pdf

In 2013, all residency programs at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences were renewed into a competency-based medical education curriculum. Radboud University Medical Centre in the Netherlands. The aim of this study was to validate training needs analysis questionnaire pdf EFFECT questionnaire for quality assessment of clinical teaching in residency training. The research was conducted as an online survey using the questionnaire containing 58 items in 7 domains.

The questionnaire was double-translated into Lithuanian. Overall, 333 questionnaires about 146 clinical teachers were filled in. 97 and was comparable with the original version of the questionnaire. Confirmatory factor analysis demonstrated satisfactory model-fit with CFI of 0. 841 and absolute model-fit RMSEA of 0. The results suggest that the Lithuanian version of the EFFECT maintains its original validity and may serve as a valid instrument for quality assessment of clinical teaching in competency-based residency training in Lithuania. 2017 The Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.

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