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This article is about the Cham people thesis on cambodia exchange rate.pdf Southeast Asia. Acquisition of territory has not been the subject of concern.

The size of Champa was during its heyday in the 9th and 10th century not substantially larger than during the formative period. China on a floating log of sandalwood where she married a man of royalty with whom she had two children. She eventually returned to Champa “did many good deeds in helping the sick and the poor” and “a temple was erected in her honor” as people venerate her as their patroness. From the 8th century onward trade and shipping of India came to be increasingly controlled by Muslims from such regions as Gujarat.

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Islamic ideas became a part of the vast tide of exchange, treading the same path as Hinduism and Buddhism centuries before. Cham people picked up these ideas by the 11th century. This can be seen in the architecture of Cham temples, which shares similarities with the one of the Angkor Temples. Cham ports, Cham women were married by Chinese merchants to whom they frequently came back to after trading voyages. Wang Yuanmao, traded extensively with Champa and married a Cham princess.