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May 20, 2015, consisting of 23 episodes. Wednesdays at 9:00 pm the things they carried the things they carried pdf March 18, 2015. The season was released on DVD and Blu-ray in region 1 on September 8, 2015.

The tenth season had an average viewership of 2. In this table, the number in the first column refers to the episode’s number within the entire series, whereas the number in the second column indicates the episode’s number within this particular season. Americans watched the episode live or on the day of broadcast. Dean’s state, has been searching desperately for his missing brother.

Crowley had purposefully sent to his death by attacking Dean. Crowley confesses that he has been sending Abaddon loyalists after Dean to sate Dean’s bloodlust. Dean gets a call from the man, who demands that Dean trade himself for Sam’s life. However, Dean doesn’t care about his brother anymore, refuses the deal, and hangs up, leaving Sam in the kidnapper’s hands.

Heaven, instead wanting the freedom that life on Earth gives them. While Castiel is understanding towards the couple, Hannah is not, and a fight ensues that results in Castiel having to kill Daniel to save Hannah. Afterward, Hannah reveals that she doesn’t like the idea of angels taking on human values, as she fears it would lead to chaos. Castiel, however, thinks it’s a good idea. Sam’s kidnapper reveals that his name is Cole and the reason he’s hunting Dean down is because Dean killed his father twelve years ago. He tries to torture Sam for Dean’s location, but Sam escapes after warning Cole that Dean is a monster. It is later revealed that Cole has let him escape, and follows him to Dean.

Meanwhile, Crowley and Dean have a falling out after Dean refuses to follow Crowley’s orders and embarrasses him in front of his demon subjects. Realizing that the situation has gotten out of his control, Crowley contacts Sam with Dean’s whereabouts to have Sam handle his brother. Sam offers to help Dean become human again, but Dean is uninterested, having found a kind of liberty in being a demon and in not caring anymore. Cole then ambushes the brothers and takes Dean on in a fight, but is easily defeated. Dean leaves him alive so that he will have to live with the shame of having been unable to avenge his father. Sam seizes the opportunity to capture the distracted Dean.