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This is occasionally seen written in all-capitals, as SCRUM. Ken Schwaber which capitalized SCRUM in its title. New The scrum field guide pdf Product Development Game”. Over the following years, Schwaber and Sutherland collaborated to combine this material—with their experience and evolving good practice—to develop what became known as Scrum.

Schwaber left the Scrum Alliance in late 2009 and founded Scrum. Scrum and is occasionally revised. There are three core roles in the Scrum framework. These are ideally co-located to deliver potentially shippable product increments every sprint. Together these three roles form the scrum team. While many organizations have other roles involved with defining and delivering the product, Scrum defines only these three.

Scrum teams should have one product owner. This role should not be combined with that of the scrum master. The product owner should focus on the business side of product development and spend the majority of their time liaising with stakeholders and should not dictate how the team reaches a technical solution. Communication is a core responsibility of the product owner.

The ability to convey priorities and empathize with team members and stakeholders is vital to steer product development in the right direction. The product owner role bridges the communication gap between the team and its stakeholders, serving as a proxy for stakeholders to the team and as a team representative to the overall stakeholder community. Empathy is a key attribute for a product owner to have—the ability to put one’s self in another’s shoes. A product owner converses with different stakeholders, who have a variety of backgrounds, job roles, and objectives. A product owner must be able to see from these different points of view.

To be effective, it is wise for a product owner to know the level of detail the audience needs. The development team needs thorough feedback and specifications so they can build a product up to expectation, while an executive sponsor may just need summaries of progress. Providing more information than necessary may lose stakeholder interest and waste time. A direct means of communication is the most preferred by seasoned agile product owners. A product owner’s ability to communicate effectively is also enhanced by being skilled in techniques that identify stakeholder needs, negotiate priorities between stakeholder interests, and collaborate with developers to ensure effective implementation of requirements.

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Scrum is facilitated by a scrum master, who is accountable for removing impediments to the ability of the team to deliver the product goals and deliverables. The scrum master ensures that the Scrum framework is followed. The scrum master helps to ensure the team follows the agreed processes in the Scrum framework, often facilitates key sessions, and encourages the team to improve. Scrum does not formally recognise the role of project manager, as traditional command and control tendencies would cause difficulties.

The duration is fixed in advance for each sprint and is normally between one week and one month, with two weeks being the most common. Each sprint starts with a sprint planning event that aims to define a sprint backlog, identify the work for the sprint, and make an estimated forecast for the sprint goal. Scrum emphasizes working product at the end of the sprint that is really done. In the case of software, this likely includes that the software has been fully integrated, tested and documented, and is potentially shippable. A daily scrum in the computing room. This centralized location helps the team start on time. All members of the development team come prepared.

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