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His quickest delivery was 161. West Indies in 2002, but because they were playing in a charity match, it was not officially recognised as the fastest delivery ever. Lee’s quickest delivery in ODIs is 161. He the hat by jan brett pdf also widely regarded as one of the best pace bowlers ever to have played the sport.

Lee was known for reaching a hundred miles an hour many times throughout his cricketing career. 20 with the ball, but since then has mostly achieved figures in the early 30s. He announced his retirement from all forms of international cricket on 12 July 2012, having played his first Test in 1999. Rats, and gradually worked his way up the ranks. In March 1994, he was forced out of the Australian under-19 team to tour India due to stress fractures in his lower back and it forced him to remodel his bowling action to minimise the impact on his back. It would be his only appearance in the Sheffield Shield for the rest of the season.

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