The green book of piping pdf

Piping also has many other industrial applications, which are crucial for moving raw and semi-processed fluids for refining into more useful products. Process piping and power piping are typically checked by pipe stress engineers to verify that the routing, nozzle loads, hangers, and supports are properly placed and selected such that allowable pipe the green book of piping pdf is not exceeded under different loads such as sustained loads, operating loads, pressure testing loads, etc. B31, EN 13480 or any other applicable codes and standards.

In cryogenic pipe supports, most steel become more brittle as the temperature decreases from normal operating conditions, so it is necessary to know the temperature distribution for cryogenic conditions. Steel structures will have areas of high stress that may be caused by sharp corners in the design, or inclusions in the material. The material with which a pipe is manufactured often forms as the basis for choosing any pipe. Early wooden pipes were constructed out of logs that had a large hole bored lengthwise through the center. Stave pipes have the advantage that they are easily transported as a compact pile of parts on a wagon and then assembled as a hollow structure at the job site. Wooden pipes were especially popular in mountain regions where transport of heavy iron or concrete pipes would have been difficult. Wooden pipes were easier to maintain than metal, because the wood did not expand or contract with temperature changes as much as metal and so consequently expansion joints and bends were not required.

The thickness of wood afforded some insulating properties to the pipes which helped prevent freezing as compared to metal pipes. Redwood pipes stayed smooth and clean indefinitely while iron pipe by comparison would rapidly begin to scale and corrode and could eventually plug itself up with the corrosion. There are certain standard codes that need to be followed while designing or manufacturing any piping system. Engineering and Design, Liquid Process Piping. This page was last edited on 24 January 2018, at 00:22. This site has been blocked by the network administrator. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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