The complete hitchhikers guide to the galaxy pdf

The front cover of the 1996 CD release of “The Primary Phase”, one of the the complete hitchhikers guide to the galaxy pdf BBC CD releases. By the time the sixth episode was broadcast, the show had become a cult.

A Christmas special would follow, many repeats and a second series. The following article is a list of episodes from the Primary and Secondary Phases. The original series comprised Fit the First to Fit the Sixth. Fits and released in the second week of October 1979. As the episode opens Arthur Dent is attempting to prevent the local council, represented by Mr Prosser, from bulldozing his house to make way for a bypass. Dent’s friend, Ford Prefect arrives and takes him to the pub.

Meanwhile, Lady Cynthia Fitzmelton, a character unique to the radio series, has arrived at the site of Arthur Dent’s house. She begins the construction of the bypass, and the demolition of Arthur Dent’s house, by smashing a bottle of “very splendid and worthwhile” champagne against a yellow bulldozer. Ford and Arthur hear this, and Arthur races back to the former site of his house, Ford chasing after him after first buying some peanuts. Constructor Ships arrives in the sky, and Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz broadcasts an announcement that they are to demolish the Earth to make way for a hyperspace bypass. Ford uses his “electronic thumb” to hitch a lift onto one of the ships, taking Arthur with him, just moments before the Earth is destroyed. On board the Vogon Constructor Ship, Ford explains that he was a field researcher for the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and had been stuck on the Earth for several more years than he originally expected.

The two are soon captured by the Vogons, who take an unfriendly view of hitchhikers. After the initial narration, the episode opens with a recap of the cliffhanger with the Vogon captain demanding what Ford and Arthur thought of his poem. They attempt to flatter him to avoid execution, but he decides to throw them off the ship anyway. Ford attempts to persuade the Vogon guard to give up his job, but fails.