The anatomy of violence the biological roots of crime pdf

Rape: Sex crime, act of violence, or naturalistic adaptation? Rape distorts one of the most intimate forms the anatomy of violence the biological roots of crime pdf human interaction.

Those who rape do so for a number of reasons, but they basically involve the motives of anger, power, eroticized cruelty, and opportunistic mating. No single set of cognitive, psychodynamic, psychopathological, or neuropsychological factors has been identified in those who commit sexual assault, probably due to the heterogeneity of this offender group. It is thus important to understand the diversity of this crime category in order to devise more effective means of adjudicating, treating, and deterring it. As a reproductive strategy, rape has certain risks as well as benefits, which accounts for it persistence in human populations as a minority mating tactic. Although most women fear rape by strangers, they are far more likely to be sexually assaulted by someone they know, especially their own mate. Alcohol and substance use plays a large role in many rapes. Rape can take both a physical and psychological toll on its victims, and clinicians must continue to explore more effective ways to treat rape survivors and to develop proactive strategies to help women prevent initial victimization and revictimization.

Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Biology has been the primary lens through which we have examined the etiology of serial homicide offenders. Biological findings are obscured by a host of challenges and limitations which arise from methodology. Biological factors belong to a complex matrix of bio-psycho-social risk factors. Research into the etiology of serial homicide must be extended beyond biological risk. A more transdisciplinary approach to the study of the developmental pathways to serial homicide is advocated.

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This paper offers a historically grounded review of several biologically based developmental theories for serial homicide. Embedded within this review is a critical examination of how social, methodological, and other such limitations have stalled and prevented the development of a meaningful etiological account for serial homicide. This author offers some direction to help researchers overcome these limitations, and suggests three additional lines of inquiry that may help to illuminate biologically-based developmental trajectories. This paper concludes by reinforcing the need for a transdisciplinary approach when studying violence risk and prevention within this population specifically. MZ’ indicates identical twins with the same sets of genes and ‘DZ’ indicates fraternal twins where genes are mixed to an extent similar to that of non-twin siblings. In 2000 Bailey, Dunne and Martin studied a larger sample of 4,901 Australian twins but reported less than half the level of concordance.

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