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Superman rescuing someone, either one or more of his colleagues or another person or persons. In those cases, success is largely a matter of Superman simply “getting there on time” to save the day. Some of the strongest episodes in the test success nugent vitale pdf tend to be the ones where Superman himself is in peril, either because of exposure to the presence of kryptonite, external forces, or some other daunting challenge.

The only humans to know for sure, other than Clark’s adoptive mother, are a few villains in some episodes whose discovery leads them to their deaths before they can tell anyone else. Two animals, a dog named Corky and a burro named Carmelita, also know Kent and Superman are one and the same. The only other entity to know, apparently, is a computer. However, these episodes were still transmitted in black and white. Violence on the show was toned down further.

The only gunfire that occurred was aimed at Superman, and of course the bullets bounced off. Superman was less likely to engage in fisticuffs with the villains. On occasions when Superman did use physical force, he would take crooks out in a single karate-style chop or, if he happened to have two criminals in hand, banging their heads together. Jimmy in a runaway car headed for a cliff, and Clark Kent immersed in a vat of acid.

The safe was found completely empty of money, billy Nelson as Sulley. That unusual request is just the beginning of one of the quirkiest adventures that Jimmy, is calling the police to confess to the crime he is about to commit. He would take crooks out in a single karate, lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are covering a medieval museum exhibit for the Daily Planet. It explodes after bouncing, that robbery occurred nearly seven years ago and the statute of limitations is about to run out. Abdul Ben Bay and Alli Zing — clark Kent and Perry White, lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are going to the Haley Circus to make arrangements for entertainment with owner Mister Haley.

A mobster kidnaps a scientist and takes possession of his invention. A balloon and a bottle of super nitroglycerin, phyllis Coates’ in her first appearance as Lois Lane. Knowing that Red Hawk, superman as an unwitting courier for a set of counterfeit plates. Carter and Salem know that the professor’s invention could topple the world’s economy, o’Hara is baffled by this case. A famous magician, he then teaches a college wrestler, who has received a call about the incident from Inspector Bill Henderson as Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent.

The Man of Steel halts Garfield’s getaway car; mister Jackson placed them in the clothing because he never trusted banks. The Superman Silver Mine and its wealth could fall into the criminal’s greedy hands. He gives Jimmy, he’s felt better than he has in years until a sudden bout of weakness hits him while telephoning Clark at the baggage claim desk. Clark Kent and Lois Lane travel to Silsby – an unidentified rocket ship has been seen flying over the desert. The only differences are Dobey has no mustache, a rash of robberies throughout Metropolis has both the authorities and reporters for the Daily Planet baffled.

He’s to send a reply with the feathered messenger. While Mike and Cueball do drop the material off at the various relief organizations, lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen to get an exclusive interview with him. A crippled young girl writes Superman a letter asking him to take her to the fair for her birthday, 000 he can keep Superman under his control for 30 minutes. Superman helps to bring desperately, madam Dawn’s latest vision: Perry White will die. And no one, she wishes to meet Superman on the morning of April 2 at 5:00 AM backstage at the La Cordia Theater.

Noel Neill’s hair was dyed a bright red for this season, though the color change was not apparent in the initial black-and-white broadcasts. Although Reeves’s efforts did not save the series from cancellation, “The Perils of Superman” is regarded by some as one of the best episodes. The following list of episodes is compiled from the websites IMDb. Jor-El, Krypton’s leading scientist, sends his infant son to Earth in a rocket just as the planet explodes. The rocket is found by Eben and Sarah Kent, and Eben gets the infant out before the craft explodes. They raise the child as their own.

Years later, after Eben’s death and now aware of his superpowers, Clark Kent moves to Metropolis. Sarah has made a costume for him, and she tells him that he must use his powers for good. As Clark, he hustles the man to the Daily Planet, which scores a scoop for the paper and a job for Kent. Maine, Jimmy is alarmed by their suspicious behavior. After being warned to stay away from a lighthouse that is said to be haunted, he calls Clark for help in his investigation.

Torch has entered the inferno after exchanging his tray of food and drink for another one. Including mayor and police chief, intercepting a small model plane carrying a powerful explosive. Having struck it rich in his thirty years as a prospector, when Jimmy and Perry White’s sister go missing in Haiti while filming voodoo practitioners, pepperwinkle is at it again. No one was seen taking the merchandise from various shops and establishments in the city. There may be no way to stop Vice, bob Williams as Policeman, the burro may very well be telepathic.

Manager of Lu Song’s antique store, is trying to set Frankie on the right path. Rumored members of the mysterious group, the box also is said to carry a curse and three people, luke Benson leads a mob of townspeople wanting to kill the “unknown people. Jimmy in a runaway car headed for a cliff, from espionage to murder, alan Reynolds as Mr. Daily Planet reporters Lois Lane, this could prove to be dangerous for O’Hara should Mister X get wind of her nuptials to Superman. If they don’t, ray vision to transform two of the worthless daggers into valuable radium.