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Manni to open the magic door inside Doorway Cave. Susannah-Mia, with their shared body mostly under stephen king dark tower all books pdf control of Mia, escapes to New York of 1999 via the magic door in Doorway Cave with the help of Black Thirteen. Crimson King foresees for the child comes to pass.

All Mia must do now is to bring Susannah to the Dixie Pig restaurant to give birth to the child under the care of the Crimson King’s men. Susannah-Mia to the New York City of 1999 in order to save Susannah from the danger Mia has put her in by delivering her into the custody of the Crimson King’s henchmen. The gunslingers have seen and felt the power of a rose that is located in the vacant lot and suspect it to be some sort of secondary hub to the universe, or possibly even a representation of the Dark Tower itself. Dark Tower and the Rose are somehow connected, the two images very similar in the series. Balazar’s men were tipped off on Roland and Eddie’s potential whereabouts by Mia, who hoped that they would dispose of the people she perceived as threats to her child.

Roland and Eddie escape this onslaught with the help of a crafty local man, John Cullum, who they deem to be a savior put in their path through the machinations of ka. Calla, and they decide to pay him a visit. King’s presence, and his relationship to the Dark Tower, cause the very reality surrounding his Maine town to become “thin. Strange creatures called “walk-ins” begin emerging and plaguing the community.

The author is unaware of this and has never seen one, though most of the walk-ins have been appearing on his own street. During their visit to him, the Gunslinger hypnotizes King and finds out that King is not a god, but rather a medium for the story of the Dark Tower to transmit itself through. The ka-tet are convinced that the success of their quest itself depends somehow on King’s writing about it through the story. Susannah has left behind for them gives them a faint hope that they might succeed, though Jake is filled with a strong sense of dread and neither Jake nor Callahan particularly expects to leave the place alive.