Shame of a nation pdf

An investigative report intended “to shock Americans into action,” it was “the first time millions of Americans were given shame of a nation pdf close look at what it means to live in poverty” by their televisions. Northern Virginia farm during the apple harvest and was outraged by the conditions of the migrant laborers working there. Friendly decided that the issue was a natural for Murrow, long seen as a champion of the oppressed.

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While Murrow and Friendly are often seen as the forces behind the show, broadcast historians such as the late Edward Bliss, Jr. Lowe did much of the legwork, including a number of the interviews featured on the installment. We felt that by scheduling the program the day after Thanksgiving, we could stress the fact that much of the food cooked for Thanksgiving throughout the country was picked by migratory workers. We hoped that the pictures of how these people live and work would shock the consciousness of the nation. This scene is not taking place in the Congo. It has nothing to do with Johannesburg or Cape Town.

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