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Cropped photograph of Mora in a red t-shirt posing rich dad’s before you quit your job pdf members of the U. His tenure with the Saints spanned eleven seasons and he coached the Colts for four seasons. As an NFL head coach, he was known for turning the Saints and the Colts, two consistently losing franchises, into perennial postseason contenders. However, his reputation was affected by his lack of success in the NFL playoffs and impassioned postgame tirades and press conferences, including his oft-quoted “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda,” “You Will Never Know,” “Diddly Poo,” and “Playoffs?

In contrast to his league titles in the USFL, Mora never won a postseason NFL game. USFL championship games and won two of them. The USFL was later forced out of business after winning a token award of three dollars in an antitrust suit against the NFL. The Saints had won only 90 games in their first nineteen seasons, never tallied a winning record, and only twice had reached . Benson hired Finks in January 1986 and charged the former Vikings and Bears executive with the task of hiring the new coach.

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Mora spent his first off-season remaking the Saints roster. He convinced several players from the USFL to come to New Orleans. After the game Mora launched what became known as his “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda” speech. We ain’t good enough to beat those guys and it was proven out there today. We’re not good enough yet. And you can put that on TV for me.