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Mooning can be used to express disrespect. Formerly, “mooning” was slang for “wandering idly” and “romantically pining”. 1960s, when the gesture became increasingly popular among students at read bared to you pdf in the United States. She stood her ground and when he had finished his objections she defended her position.

She said that she was descended from a prior-born ancestor than the chief. She exposed her genitals, telling the chief that that was where he came from. Those assembled were asked to gainsay her speech but no one came forward. The Maori gesture of Whakapohane had countered the argument that was aimed at her. No review of the case by a higher court took place since prosecutors dropped the case after the ruling. Greeks exposed their bare buttocks to the Crusaders after they repulsed them from the walls. 1543, Catherine S├ęgurane, a common washerwoman, led the townspeople into battle.

Legend has it that she took the lead in defending the city by standing before the invading forces and exposing her bare bottom. This has inspired a chain of “train moonings” throughout the country. 1983 royal tour of New Zealand. He exposed his buttocks to the camera. A large police presence prevented a large-scale mooning, but a few individuals did so.

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