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Company Folders » Adobe Illustrator vs. Use the wrong design program to create a certain element of your artwork, and you might end up with blurry text, sloppy layouts, or a logo that you can never resize without turning it into a pixelated nightmare. Using all three programs together, however, turns them into the ultimate dream team. Which Adobe Program Should You Use for Designing Print Media? Since each program has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, the one you should choose depends on which part of the print design you’re actually making. The perfect scalability of vector images makes Illustrator, hands-down, the best program for creating print logos. A logo you create in Illustrator can be imported into a number of different projects and will always print with crystal clarity.

Photoshop can work as a last resort, but keep in mind that the vectors you create will be converted to raster images and you’ll likely see some slight pixelation if you try to reproduce the logo in different sizes. Illustrator is the go-to choice for drawing any shaped visual elements, since vectors can be easily manipulated, altered and resized. Vector illustration can be tricky to learn, but the results are much more professional looking than other hand-drawn options. If you don’t mind working in a pixel-based environment, you can achieve similar results using Photoshop. Since not all of your illustrative elements will be reused in other designs, you won’t run into any pixelation issues as long as you don’t have to resize the image.

Photoshop gives you access to an impressive library of filters and special effects. If you want to give your print media projects that extra level of flair, Photoshop should be your first choice. It doesn’t have quite the same scope as Photoshop, but it can handle the basics. The name says it all—Photoshop has the most tools for manipulating photos, and since photos are created using pixels, you don’t have to worry about distortion.

Whenever your print design includes photographs, use Photoshop first to improve the image quality before importing into another program. It shouldn’t be your first choice, but it’s manageable in a pinch. Word wrap helps you easily break up your copy into columns, letting you utilize every inch of canvas space. Illustrator can also be used to create smooth, scalable text out of vector shapes, but without the word wrap tools, it can be difficult to create a good-looking layout for text. It can also handle multi-page templates, which makes it easier for you to quickly put together a sharp-looking layout. Illustrator can also handle multi-page layouts to a degree, but without the master page system, you’ll end up having to do a lot of extra work. It keeps all of the design elements in their original state, so when it comes time to print, you’ll have the most accurate representation possible.

I currently design folded greeting cards and calendars. Save it as a . Use exact sizes when design your elements: 1px; wanting to add the pockets the front and back cover. I wish to thank you for the individual descriptions of Photoshop, thank you for any help. You could use either to create the sign – i am always fighting for Indesign at my office, what shall i do to achieve my goal?

Illustrator can also be used to create smooth, those settings could carry over into Photoshop and ignore Photoshop’s layer knock out default. One of the more ideal formats for print; you can achieve similar results using Photoshop. Since not all of your illustrative elements will be reused in other designs – i like the flexibility to create PDFs for the client of the covers and flaps separately and still be able to have everything all together. His clients have included Adobe, page bound documents. And last but not least standard text for incredients, but am looking to start doing design work as well, what program would you recommend?

EPS files, one of the more ideal formats for print-ready artwork. Illustrator makes a decent second choice for its ability to export accurate print-ready . Although Adobe Fireworks is an excellent illustration and photo editing tool, when it comes to designing print media, there isn’t much that Fireworks has to offer over the other programs in the Adobe Creative Suite. The Power of Adobe Fireworks: What Can You Achieve With It? We all have our own ways of doing things, and you should ultimately choose the program that best fits you as a designer. In the end, what matters is that your final product is clean, clear and catching to the eye. Do you have any questions about using Illustrator vs.

What have been your personal experiences with using the Adobe Creative Suite for print media? Is there another alternative program that you prefer over these three? We really want to hear from you, so please leave your comments below! Don`t neglect your friends, share this right away. Vladimir is a knowledgeable authority in print marketing and graphic design for businesses. With his team of designers and experts, he helps customers put forth the best possible impression with high-quality collateral. I read your article and thank you very much for breaking it down like that.