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Current energy policies are mainly addressed to sustain the diffusion of renewable energy technologies. The public consciousness on environmental issues requires satisfaction of environmental and economical requirements. A new approach that combines LCA and the multicriteria decision-making technique is proposed. The results apply to a novel compressed pdf model hybrid gap analysis ahp energy storage system.

Nowadays the biggest challenge for most organizations is a real and substantial application of sustainability through the measurement and comparability of results in order to satisfy the principles of sustainability of all the stakeholders. The outcome is a dynamic analysis and iterative integrated sustainability assessment of corporate performance. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. In the conventional FMEA, sometimes the difference between some failure modes cannot be distinguished. In order to evaluate various failure modes more precisely, a novel fuzzy hybrid model for FMEA is proposed in this paper. The weights of the three factors and the weights of failure modes are computed by extended fuzzy AHP and fuzzy MULTIMOORA methods, respectively. The proposed fuzzy MULTIMOORA method calculates the weight of each failure based on three criteria of time, cost, and profit through fuzzy linguistic terms.