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The company offers packaging, filling machines and processing pak 5 science skills pdf dairy, beverages, cheese, ice-cream and prepared food, including distribution tools like accumulators, cap applicators, conveyors, crate packers, film wrappers, line controllers and straw applicators. Tetra Pak packaging system one of Sweden’s most successful inventions of all time.

Tetra Pak cartons are recycled globally. United States, which was unheard of in Europe at the time, and realised that pre-packaging was part of the future in food retailing as a more hygienic and practical way of distributing staple groceries. At the time, these were sold over the counter in cumbersome glass bottles or impractical paper wraps in most European countries. Rausing was the first packaging company in Scandinavia and eventually became a leading manufacturer of dry food cartons.

The new package had to be sufficiently cheap to be able to compete with loose milk, meaning that a minimum of material waste and a maximum of production efficiency needed to be obtained. The idea was simple but efficient, making optimal use of the material involved. The rest of the 1940s were spent developing viable packaging materials and solving the technical problems of filling, sealing, and distribution. It was reportedly Rausing’s wife Elisabeth who came up with the idea of continuously sealing the packages through the milk while filling the tube in the manner of stuffing sausages, to prevent oxygen from entering the package. In May of that year, the new packaging system was presented to the press, and in 1952, the first filling machine producing 100 ml cream tetrahedrons was delivered to Lundaortens Mejeriförening, a local dairy. In the subsequent years, the tetrahedron packages became more and more frequent in Swedish grocery stores, and in 1954, the first machine producing 500 ml milk packages was sold to a Stockholm dairy. Rausing relentlessly strove to improve the Tetra Classic system, wrought with many technical problems during the 1950s, and spent enormous amounts on development.

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Indeed, Tetra Pak’s commercial breakthrough did not arrive until the mid-1960s with the new Tetra Brik package, introduced in 1963, and the development of the Aseptic technology. Rausing was sold in 1965 while AB Tetra Pak was retained. The late 1960s and 1970s saw a global expansion of the company, much due to the new Tetra Brik Aseptic package, launched in 1969, which opened up new markets in the developing world and sparked off a virtual explosion in sales. D functions in Lund, Sweden. 5 billion, Tetra Pak acquired Alfa-Laval AB in 1991, a venerable Swedish company producing industrial and agricultural equipment and milk separators, world-leading in its industry, in what was at the time Sweden’s largest takeover. Since the deal allowed Tetra Pak to integrate the Alfa Laval competence within processing, the merger eventually made it possible for Tetra Pak to offer entire packaging and processing products to its clients.

Alfa Laval’s liquid processing unit was absorbed into Tetra Pak and the unit specialising on machinery for dairy production was organised separately in Alfa Laval Agri. 2000 to Swedish finance group Industri Kapital. Tetra Pak and Sidel were market leading in their field and operated in related business areas. Tetra Laval in a high-profile case. Tetra Pak operates globally through 40 market companies, which are subsidiaries to Tetra Pak International SA, doing business in over 170 countries. Because of the low relative cost of its end products, the developing world has been an important market for Tetra Pak from the start.

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