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Choose the file type you’d like to download by selecting PDF or for an editable document select RTF. Your search has been automatically saved, but enter the details below for your reference. The Common Core and other college- and career-ready standards emphasize regular practice with complex text and its academic vocabulary because academic vocabulary helps students access and understand increasing levels of complex texts across all content areas. Why is academic vocabulary so important? Academic vocabulary words are often vital to comprehension, reappear in many texts, and frequently are part of a word family or semantic network. Tier two words can carry disproportionate weight in conveying the meaning of a text, and a reader who doesn’t understand even a single of these high-value words might have his or her comprehension thrown off track. For these reasons, significant instructional attention should be spent on these words.

How does the Academic Word Finder help me? The challenge to teachers is to be alert to the presence of tier two words, determine which ones need to be taught, and which words deserve more time and effort for richer understanding. That said, there may be other academic vocabulary words that are either rare or common that a teacher determines are important to the text. In addition, the academic vocabulary identified in a text can be a proxy for text complexity, though it does not replace the work a teacher does to fully analyze a text for complexity. How do I use it? The Academic Word Finder is simple to use.

Copy the text you want to analyze. We recommend starting with 1-3 paragraphs. View all of the words in order of appearance in the text. You can change this view to see the words on, above or below grade level. You can also filter to see the words alphabetically.

How can I use this word list with my students? You will notice that there are often multiple definitions for a single word. What other resources can help me? There are a variety of free resources available to support vocabulary development. Wordsmyth provides a free, online dictionary and has generously contributed the word meanings and sentences to this tool. They also offer a free glossary and test maker. Access model lessons and learn more about the Common Core, academic vocabulary, text complexity, and more!

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