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Transnational feminism and intersectionality have been widely celebrated in women’s studies and feminist scholarship as a theory, framework, and politics. As antiracist feminist scholars who research and lose your mother saidiya hartman pdf in these areas, this conversational essay grapples with the shifting meanings of these analytics within our research and how we have experienced their institutionalization in women’s studies and related fields. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

The increasing attention paid by geographers to white identities represents a welcome corrective to research on race and ethnicity that focused on non-white subjectivities and promises to deconstruct the purportedly `normal’ or `unremarkable’ status often afforded to whiteness. Such work is a vital part of a critical geographical agenda. To do so, it begins by considering how such a critical geography might be spatially and theoretically framed. 1816 by enslaved people of African origin in the British Caribbean colony of Barbados. Reading this not as a single event but as a locus of multiple and conflicting narrations, each linked to particular assertions and contestations of whiteness, the paper argues that geographies of white identities must emphasise struggles between `white’ subjects, as well as the role of subaltern acts and representations in white racialisation. This is important if postcolonial, and therefore critical, geographies of white identities are to be produced. Member of the Board of the W.

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