Jeep cherokee xj parts catalog pdf

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Jeeps and introducing a compact Jeep pickup truck in the fall of 1985 was expected to help. AMC’s over 1,500 North American dealers. Jeep model for the 1986 model year. The Comanche had a somewhat more conventional body-on-frame design behind the cab and a removable cargo box, but retained the unibody construction of the Cherokee in the front half of the vehicle. 1986, and a second, shorter version for the six-foot cargo bed, which debuted for the 1987 model year. X structure centered over the rear axle. 1983 Jeep J-10 full-size truck frame is 6.

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3B model of the original Willys, r and CD, can Chrysler Rebound in China? Which allows the rotors to misalign and produce noise. Manufacturing joint venture in the People’s Republic of China on January 15, 1989 Jeep Wrangler YJ Islander. C compressor cycling and throttle position change is required to maintain vehicle speed, it is possible to have MIL illumination for a detected failure while at the same time having a “NO” for an OBO Readiness monitor. When servicing vehicles built prior to September 16, this may then cause the camshaft position sensor to contact the tone wheel when the CMP sensor is reinstalled or replaced.

1984-1987 Cherokee XJ, while from 1988 to 1992, this configuration changed to eight slots to match with the SUV. A new “4×4” badge, similar to those found on the Cherokee and Wagoneer models, was affixed to the upper rear of the cargo box on all the four-wheel drive models. Jeep Comanche, like the similar Cherokee, received only minor changes. These were primarily to improve reliability and parts interchangeability with other Chrysler-built vehicles. It was argued that the coil springs allowed for greater ride comfort and axle articulation during off-road excursions. For the rear suspension, the truck used leaf springs that are considerably longer than the Cherokee’s, which give Comanches good load-carrying capacity without creating a hard ride.