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Prospective design, predicting subsequent suicide attempts, suicide verbalizations, and minor self-destructive behaviors from SPS scores at admission to a group home in a sample of 855 adolescents. SPS scores significantly predicted all three suicide-relevant measures. Although the prediction is far from perfect, it can prevent some introduction to probability by douglas g kelly pdf attempts when combined with effective suicide precautions. This is the first known evidence of predictive validity of any measure of suicide risk in adolescents.

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Its predictive ability may have been reduced by interventions designed to reduce suicide risk. Despite the large number of false-positives and modest predictive validity, a large body of literature indicates that quantitative predictions perform better than clinical judgments in predicting psychological outcomes. However, the SPS measures only a subset of factors predictive of suicide, including suicidal ideation, hopelessness, and social isolation. Risk factors not assessed by the SPS include previous suicide attempts, conduct disorder, substance abuse, and reasons for living. These additional risk factors may be important to improve upon the predictive validity of the SPS.

Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. 1996 The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Any human endeavour carries some risk, but some are much riskier than others. The probability of something happening multiplied by the resulting cost or benefit if it does. The probability or threat of quantifiable damage, injury, liability, loss, or any other negative occurrence that is caused by external or internal vulnerabilities, and that may be avoided through preemptive action. Finance: The possibility that an actual return on an investment will be lower than the expected return. Securities trading: The probability of a loss or drop in value.

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