Hr practices in hotel industry pdf

Despite its use in both practice and the academic literature, research focusing on HRPSD is scarce and detailed analyses of the effects of this practice on employees cannot be found in the academic literature. The objective of this hr practices in hotel industry pdf is to develop a conceptual framework facilitating the examination of how human resource practices systems are differentiated within 5-star hotels, and to identify some direct effects of such systems on employees.

The level of competition in the hotel industry was intensified and the hotels focused on differentiating their services for sustaining their brand name as well as service quality. It is safe to assume that the percent of workers with a disability in service occupations will be increasing. To obtain rates and advice on a shipment, the target marketing strategy of the hotels in the present business scenario should focus on the professional visitors of the domestic and international regions belonging to the industries, business strategies and practices in order to overcome the influence of economic recession. The main aim of the hotel industry operators is to provide quality services, highly motivated work force contributes towards the success of the hotel and in establishing the brand name in the competitive market place. With C Teleport intelligent analytics tools – average price of rooms and the respective revenue attained as per the availability of the rooms.

The article provides a conceptual framework of SHRM with HRPSD, including the link to human resource intermediate outcomes that have not previously been included in previous research in a hotel industry context. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. It used a quantitative survey covering 46 hotels out of a population of 75 hotels. Similar to Hoque’s study of UK hotels, the impact of internal and external fit and the universal relevance of HRM were tested.