How to spot a psychopath pdf

Workplace psychopaths maintain multiple personas throughout the office, presenting each colleague with a different version how to spot a psychopath pdf themselves. IQ, and little risk of legal penalties. IQ, and much higher risk of legal penalties. Hare reports that about 1 per cent of the general population meets the clinical criteria for psychopathy.

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Hare further claims that the prevalence of psychopaths is higher in the business world than in the general population. A 2011 study of Australian white-collar managers found that 5. 76 per cent could be classed psychopathic and another 10. 42 per cent dysfunctional with psychopathic characteristics. They prefer to work at the very highest levels of their organizations, allowing them to control the greatest number of people. Psychopaths who are political leaders, managers, and CEOs fall into this category.

Organizational psychopaths generally appear to be intelligent, sincere, powerful, charming, witty, and entertaining communicators. They quickly assess what people want to hear and then create stories that fit those expectations. They will con people into doing their work for them, take credit for other people’s work and even assign their work to junior staff members. They have low patience when dealing with others, display shallow emotions, are unpredictable, undependable and fail to take responsibility if something goes wrong that is their fault. The workplace psychopath may show a high number of the following behavioural patterns. At this stage it will be difficult to spot anything which is indicative of psychopathic behaviour, and as a new employee one might perceive the psychopath to be helpful and even benevolent.

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