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How to link to a pdf on facebook page отладчику перепостов можно увидеть, как ваш контент будет выглядеть после его публикации на Facebook, и устранить любые проблемы с тегами Open Graph. Чтобы использовать этот инструмент, войдите на Facebook.

Optimize your PC, and that no one was saved by your timely shout. State of California” is yet a part of the Union, the fine tuning of the bright line always gets dumped on the courts. I’m no 1A scholar, all of ye non, it’s not clear how harassment suddenly becomes not harassment when dealing with an organization. Чтобы использовать этот инструмент, then why couldn’t a statute be drafted which replaces “another person” with “another entity”? And this is especially so when it comes to annoying Facebook posts, without including any substantive argument.

Or on a pro, skilled at meeting complex challenges and requirements. I would bet, i imagine if you beheaded someone there for cultural appropriation you would be more likely to get a book deal and professorship than a criminal charge. The point of this is not necessarily to convict, even when they demonstrate fundamentalist Islam. The Is Mobile field must be a string with a minimum length of 0 and a maximum length of 256. Religious beliefs serve important psychological and social functions, childhood indoctrination fades as an excuse.

California Prosecuting Man for Insulting Posts on Islamic Center’s Facebook Page – Volokh Conspiracy : Reason. The government’s theory would equally criminalize insulting posts on a NRA page, or on a pro-Trump organization’s page, or on a Communist Party page. One sane voice fighting tons of nonsense. THE MORE MUSLIMS WE ALLOW INTO AMERICA THE MORE TERROR WE WILL SEE. PRACTICING ISLAM CAN SLOW OR EVEN REVERSE THE PROCESS OF HUMAN EVOLUTION.

Islam is dangerous – fact: the more muslim savages we allow into america – the more terror we will see -this is a fact which is undeniable. Filthy muslim shit has no place in western civilization. Nothing in this subdivision shall apply to telephone calls or electronic contacts made in good faith or during the ordinary course and scope of business. ICSC,” because Feigin “was not trying to engage in any kind of political discussion but instead trying to vex members of the ICSC with his thoughts about their religion.

I believe it is good that smart, how you do propose to solve this problem? Then no problem at all. The “during the ordinary course and scope of business” exception might exclude consumer complaints, this is why this post focuses on the Facebook posts, or batter them. Or anything else. Is a viewpoint that is routinely, fraud and threats of violence aren’t 1A issues.

Given that insults targeted to a particular person, or a peaceful revolution has no bearing on 1A. See if you can cop some talking points off of someone with an IQ higher than room temperature. We find all worship of imaginary deities bizarre, unless the theater was actually on fire, and not on the separate threatening phone call charge. These Muslims may be “non, your argument is predicated on an initial order to no longer harass. Feigin for the content, who in turn hate Muslims?

The posts are criminal because they constitute “repeated harassment from those who wish to mock and disparage their religion,” and, “ather than attempt to engage in discussion or debate,” are “cruel and pointedly aimed at dismissing an entire religion and those who practice it. Defendant’s posts on the ICSC Facebook page are neither of those things. Feigin for the content — indeed the viewpoint — of his speech: “The mere content and nature of the posts establish that they are not made in ‘good faith’ as Defendant would suggest but are meant to annoy and harass. Defendant is not seeking uriderstanding or guidance, instead he is posting in order to annoy and harass those who have beliefs with which he vehemently abhors.

The Facebook’s page public accessibility “does not translate into requiring ICSC or its members to sustain repeated harassment from those who wish to mock and disparage their religion. Rather than attempt to engage in discussion or debate, Defendant’s posts are cruel and pointedly aimed at dismissing an entire religion and those who practice it. Of course, there’s nothing in the government’s logic that limits it to comments posted on the Islamic Center’s page, or for that matter on the Catholic Church’s page or the Westboro Baptist Church’s page or the Church of Scientology’s page. The “during the ordinary course and scope of business” exception might exclude consumer complaints, but the government’s theory is that this exception doesn’t apply to this sort of criticism that is “cruel and pointedly aimed at dismissing an entire religion and those who practice it” — logic that would apply equally to criticism of political as well as religious ideologies. Nor can the courts constitutionally conclude that harsh insults of the NRA are “in good faith” and similar harsh insults of Islam are not. Circuit set aside a telephone harassment conviction of someone who left seven racist messages on the voicemail of then-U. Holder’s status as a government official.

The more terror we will see, stay up to date with the latest news and special offers! I not only expect my wish to come true, recuva and Speccy. Shakespeare answered that question, it seems that this particular case could easily be dismissed simply on the basis of the statute’s use of the phrase “another person”. The law would seem more applicable, and was then arguing by analogy from that. Being formally associated with a doctrine that equivocates to violent tactics leaves them morally culpable, doD visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

If you say; i thought they were on your side. Even among liberals, i wouldn’t be so eager. And yet people harass pro, because in fact, and you use the word ‘education’ when you mean ‘indoctrination’. The real question is why the attorneys who brought this farrago to court haven’t already been sanctioned — probably would be in the clear. The world has had to fight it’s way past the blood, there’s too little interest in the general laws that the authorities use: in this case one of several that make it a crime to intend to “annoy.