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The 2011 Canadian census put the number of Canadians of some German ethnicity at 3. Many Germans had served in the British army and elected to settle in the new lands. Nova Scotia is filled with German town names, surnames, and How to copress pdf file churches. 1997 as the oldest known surviving church in Canada associated with the German Canadian community.

The Waterloo Pioneer Tower honours the Mennonite Germans who helped populate Waterloo County. About 2,200 settled in Canada once their terms of service expired or they were released from American captivity. Many of those families’ ancestors had been from Southern Germany or Switzerland. This same geographic area also attracted new German migrants from Europe, roughly 50,000 between the 1830 and 1860. Research indicates that there was no apparent conflict between the Germans from Europe and those who came from Pennsylvania.

By 1871, nearly 55 percent of the population of Waterloo County had German origins. Especially in Berlin, German was the dominant language spoken. The German Protestants developed the Lutheran Church along Canadian lines. In Waterloo County, Ontario, with large German elements that arrived after 1850, the Lutheran churches played major roles in the religious, cultural and social life of the community. After 1914 English became the preferred language for sermons and publications.

Absent a seminary, the churches trained their own ministers, but there was a doctrinal schism in the 1860s. The secular organization’s purpose was to bring together the German community in the city, and act as a unified voice, help sick and needy members of the community and to keep alive customs and traditions. The Society is still active today and celebrated its 180th anniversary in 2015. The population of the Canadian west beginning in 1896 drew further large numbers of German immigrants, mostly from Eastern Europe. This accelerated when, in the 1920s, the United States imposed quotas on Central and Eastern European immigration. Ontario exhibited a strong German culture and those of German origin made up a third of the population in 1911. Lutherans were the primary religious group.

There were nearly three times as many Lutherans as Mennonites at that time. The latter, who had moved here from Pennsylvania in the first half of the 1800s, primarily resided in the rural areas and small communities. Several streets in Toronto that had previously been named for Liszt, Humboldt, Schiller, Bismarck, etc. British associations, such as Balmoral.

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