General attitude and belief scale pdf

Oncology nurses should possess a general attitude and belief scale pdf level of sensitivity while dealing with patients’ sexual health needs. However, sexual health care is still inadequately addressed because of barriers such as conservative beliefs and incorrect assumptions regarding sexual issues. Most scales for measuring attitude toward sexual health care were insufficient to establish the instrument’s validity and did not focus on oncology nurses. The purpose of this study was to develop a scale considering cultural contexts to investigate nurses’ attitude toward sexual health care in patients suffering from cancer.

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This study was designed for scale development. 42 items rated on a 3-point scale. Eight experts reviewed the questionnaire for content validity and consolidated 36 items. Data were collected from 342 oncology nurses in Korea. Pearson correlation coefficients were used to test the concurrent validity. Correlation of the sub-factors ranged from 0.

The scale of attitude toward sexual health care showed validity and reliability in evaluating the attitude of oncology nurses toward sexual health care and can be used to identify attitudinal barriers in nurses as well as to develop and test educational interventions for the improvement of sexual health care. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. The 50-item scale was developed through a literature review and qualitative study findings, and its reliability and validity were assessed with 673 PWE. The Kilifi Epilepsy Beliefs and Attitude Scale is a reliable and valid tool that measures beliefs and attitudes about epilepsy. It may be useful in other RPC or as a tool to assess the effectiveness of interventions to improve knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes about epilepsy. Kilifi Epilepsy Beliefs and Attitude Scale was developed for use in Africa. The scale consists of 34 items in 5 subscales.

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