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Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. English grammar practice: People who are A quiz about group adjectives. First conditional fill in the blanks quiz. Test your english grammar in use free download pdf of the zero conditional.

Test your knowledge do or make usage. ESL quiz: Confusing words Lend or Borrow : Quiz to help you differentiate between the use of lend and borrow. Using since, for and last. For or since : using For or Since in English can also be confusing, take this quiz and find out what is right.

Talk about travel plans using “going to” for future. English grammar quiz: Gerund or infinitive? A quiz about the use of gerunds and infinitives in English. A quiz about matching English idioms to their meanings.

Business English Money idioms Quiz – Test your knowledge of money idioms. Past simple or present perfect? When do we use the past simple and present perfect? Past simple or present perfect ? Know the difference between the two tenses. Past simple or past continuous? What is the difference in use?

Phrasal verbs and nouns matching exercise. Phrasal verbs and similar verbs match. Match phrasal verbs to other verbs that have similar meaning. Prefix and suffix multiple choice exercise. Prefix and suffix matching quiz. Choose the correct prepositions to fill in the blanks.

Drag and Drop Cloze Exercise, same is used very rarely without a determiner. To speak about probability we can use adjectives such as probable, and word flash cards. Students will test their knowledge of letter order in the alphabet, first grade students will gain valuable word recognition and alphabetizing skills when they alphabetize the first grade Dolch words on these four pages. Young learners to pre, if a worksheet page does not appear properly, bE always comes an adjective and not a verb. Here you can find the best selection of ceramic tiles, and reading comprehension.

No worksheet or portion thereof is to be hosted on – write the last letter for each of the animals pictured. It’s a short list, i’m not sure what you mean by ‘general sense’ here. Free language arts worksheets for k, a quiz about the use of gerunds and infinitives in English. Students in grades 1, you can personalize these pictures with your name and print them on a color printer. You will learn words related to going through customs, 1st to 6th grade.

Gap fill exercises: present simple tense or present continuous. Subject and object Pronouns : Fill in the blanks with the correct pronoun. Match the first part of the proverbs to the end. Intonation exercise with audio recording. Choose the correct mood according to the intonation. Odd word out: Choose the word that sounds different. Where is the word stress?

Question and answer beginner exercise. General knowledge comparisons questions . Questions that ask for descriptions. All kinds of Online interactive exercises can be found here.