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Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. A resource to improve the teaching and understanding of elementary mathematics. The original “foot” was the length of the foot of King Henry I. Metric System-A system of weights and measures that uses the gram, meter and liter as its primary units of weight, distance and capacity.

The metric system is used all over the world except in the U. A system of weights and measures that uses the gram, meter and liter as its primary units of weight, distance and capacity. United States this system exists side by side with the SI system. Bahr and Garcia suggest a great teaching strategy in which the teacher uses base 10 blocks to teach about the metric system.

This gives students a visual representation of the metric bases. King Henry was a jolly old English King most of the time. Even though metrics had been used in England for a long time, King Henry had difficulty converting between the different metric units. He had really become frustrated and confuse. He felt, as a king, that he should be able to do about anything.

He asked for help from all of the smart people in his kingdom. King Henry, that everything in metrics was done by either multiplying by ten or dividing by 10, which is easy to do by just moving the decimal point. He explained how they convert between the units so well, that King Henry was so excited, he made up a chart to help others. They understood just as well, so he got even more excited. He was so excited that:     King Henry Danced Merrily Down Center Main. Lastly, use the quart to find out how many quarts are in a gallon of milk.

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This activity will give students a good visual of the different parts found in the customary system. It will also give them something to refer back to when they are making measurement conversions. Any types of cups, pints, quart and gallons can be used for this activity, however it is most effective when students can relate to them. Centers can be set up around the classroom where students can explore the lengths, and weights of various objects and compare them to one another.

Develop the concept of the attribute. Distinguish it from other attributes. Gain intuitive understanding of properties. Learn to measure the quantity. Convert from one unit to another. Calculate, instead of direct measure.

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