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This article is about the organization MOVE. 6200 block of Osage Avenue, causing a fire. This killed encyclopedia of impromptu tricks pdf MOVE members, including five children. The fire burst out of control and destroyed 65 houses in the neighborhood, prompting widespread news coverage.

The group’s name, MOVE, is not an acronym. The group was originally called the Christian Movement for Life when it was founded in 1972. As John Africa had done, his devotees changed their surnames to Africa to show reverence to what they regarded as their mother continent. MOVE activities drew close scrutiny from law enforcement authorities. MOVE to vacate their Powelton Village house at 311 N 33rd Street. Nearly a year later, they had come to a standoff with members of the community, who had not left. When police attempted entry to the house, shooting erupted.

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Ramp was killed by a shot to the back of the neck. MOVE representatives claimed that he was facing the house at the time and they denied MOVE’s responsibility for his death. Seven other police officers, five firefighters, three MOVE members, and three bystanders were also injured. 2008, but they were denied it. Parole hearings now occur yearly. In 1998, at age 47, Merle Africa died in prison. In 2015, at age 59, Phil Africa died in prison.