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This volume brings together international designers and artists for speculations in contemporary drawing for art and architecture. It focuses on how the field of drawing expands synchronously alongside technological and computational developments. These drawings of the human body by Leonardo are based on the artist’s own anatomical dissections and show his evolving understanding of physiology. The drawings demonstrate Leonardo’s progress from technical mastery to consummate draftsmanship. Displaying variety and conceptual advancement, this catalogue demonstrates the evolution of American artistic expression.

The progression of the medium is traced through the work of Arthur Dove, Marcel Duchamp, Jackson Pollock, Roy Lichtenstein, etc. The illustrator Andrew Loomis is revered amongst artists – including the painter Norman Rockwell and comics superstar Alex Ross – for his mastery of figure drawing. His hugely influential series of art instruction books have never been bettered. A quick study into the methods and style of Da Vinci’s drawings and art. Leonardo found in drawing the most stimulating way of self-expression. The use of pen and crayon came to him as naturally as the monologue to an eager and egoistic talker. A unique collection of techniques, terminology, and examples for the beginner and advanced graphite artist.

Over one hundred illustrations support carefully reviewed explanations of elemental technique. Simulate skin texture with circularism. In this book there is a greater variety of pictures of a comic and satirical cast than was ever before presented at one view. Many nations, ancient and modern, are represented in it, as well as most of the names identified with art of this nature. A great book for teachers, Art teachers and others, who want to add a little something extra to the classroom experience. Nicely illustrated with step-by-step instructions on how to draw lesson illustrations on a blackboard.

While the impulse to satirize public men in picture is probably as old as satiric verse, the political cartoon, as an effective agent in molding public opinion, is essentially a product of modern conditions. Its success depends upon its timeliness. I hope that this book may help you to arrange your thoughts. It is but a helping hand on the broad highway that leads to the great world of art.