Developing spreadsheet based decision support systems pdf

Further documentation is available here. Model-driven DSS use algebraic, developing spreadsheet based decision support systems pdf analytic, financial, simulation, and optimization models to provide decision support. This category of DSS is continuing to evolve, but research can resolve a variety of behavioral and technical issues that impact system performance, acceptance and adoption.

This article includes a brief survey of prior research. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. DSS News, a bi-weekly e-newsletter. Power’s research interests include the design and development of Decision Support Systems and how DSS impact individual and organizational decision behavior. Since 1982, Dan Power has published more than 40 articles, book chapters and proceedings papers. He is also co-author of a book titled Strategic Management Skills and he authored a book on Decision Support Systems.

His expanded DSS Framework has received widespread interest. In 1982, Professor Power received a Ph. Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He was on the faculty at the University of Maryland-College Park from 1982 to 1989 and received tenure as an Associate Professor in 1987.

August 1989 to January 1996. He served as Acting Dean of the UNI College of Business Administration from January 16, 1996 to July 31, 1996. Power has been a visiting lecturer at universities in China, Denmark, Ireland, Israel, and Russia. Power has consulted with a number of organizations and in Summer 2003 he was a Visiting Faculty Research Fellow with the U. Power is a pioneer developer of computerized decision aiding and support systems. 1977, he developed a computerized system called DECAID, DECision AID.