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Please forward this error screen to 208. Boromir is portrayed as a daring greatly how the courage to pdf character who believed passionately in the greatness of his kingdom and fought indomitably for it. His great stamina and physical strength, together with a forceful and commanding personality, made him a widely admired commander in Gondor’s army and the favorite of his father Denethor. As a member of the Fellowship, his desperation to save his country ultimately drove him to betray his companions and attempt to seize the Ring, but he was redeemed by his repentance and brave last stand.

Steward around 500 years before the War of the Ring. 2988, he was aged only 10. Denethor became sombre, cold and detached from his family, which drove the brothers Faramir and Boromir to confide and depend on each other. Boromir, more fearless and daring, always protected and helped Faramir. Boromir was made Captain of the White Tower, and quickly became Captain-General, also bearing the title High Warden of the White Tower. His journey lasted a hundred and eleven days, and he travelled through “roads forgotten” to reach Rivendell, though, as he said, “few knew where it lay”. Tolkien wrote of Boromir’s journey that “the courage and hardihood required is not fully recognized in the narrative”.

Gondor, but he was told that it would corrupt and destroy its user, and alert Sauron to its presence. Boromir accompanied Frodo south from Rivendell with the Fellowship. In the retreat from Caradhras, Boromir proved his strength and stamina as he burrowed through shoulder-high snowbanks alongside Aragorn to clear the path back down the mountain. Boromir was unnerved by the thought of entering—he pleaded with Aragorn to find another way “though it led through a hedge of swords”, citing stories of elvish witchcraft, and the “strange paths” they had been taking which had already caused them to lose Gandalf. Aragorn “not to be too sure of this lady and her purposes. Boromir always favoured taking the Ring to Minas Tirith, despite the consensus reached at Rivendell that it must be destroyed in Mordor. Boromir privately urged Frodo to use the Ring in Gondor’s defence rather than to “throw it away”.

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