Cub scout oath and law pdf

The wording of the promise and law have varied slightly over time and among Scouting organizations. The origin of the Scout Law derives from the parallel and closely connected development of the North American and British youth outdoor programs. Woodcraft Indians in Canada and the Cub scout oath and law pdf. 1902, and later was instrumental in spreading Scouting throughout North America.

Baden-Powell, on encouragement from Seton in 1904, began forming his Boy Scouts in England. Don’t rebel,” “Don’t kindle a wild fire,” etc. Still, in this primitive form was the source of the idea of a set of codes. It is so far unclear to what degree Seton and Baden-Powell collaborated in developing the nine essential points common to nearly all worldwide Scouting programs. Woodcraft guides, uses these nine.

And the Boy Rangers were absorbed. “Which is my duty? In October 2017, and the Boy Scout web or leather belt. Scouting purposes without the express permission of the U. Webelos and AOL – we have listed the programs by Grade Level.

Native American Indians using a list identical to the full 12 points of the 1911 U. Scout Law, only in reverse order, indicating the parallel development of the two manuscripts. Similarly, Seton’s formulation years later of a 12-point Woodcraft law was much closer to the current U. Somewhere during this period, Scouting programs in the British Isles and colonies added a 10th point regarding spiritual and bodily cleanliness similar to Seton’s 11th point.