Challenges in dairy farmer pdf

challenges in dairy farmer pdf paddock wintering of cows is not the way forward for New Zealand dairy. The challenge is to find solutions.

These solutions need to achieve good environmental management, they need to be animal friendly, and they also need to make economic sense. Over recent months I have been on a personal journey of learning about composting barns. That journey is ongoing and I have more to learn. But I am now at a point where I am confident that composting barns can be a major part of the strategic solution for New Zealand dairy. They can be win-win-win for the environment, for animals, and for profitability. There is one important qualification to the above statement. It is that none of us yet have all of the answers for New Zealand conditions.

Also, there is evidence that some farmers are going into composting barns with a poor understanding of the critical factors for success. With a composting barn, if things go wrong they can go really wrong. In that situation, what should be sweet smelling, dry and warm compost, which cows love to lie in, turns to smelly sludge. But if the basic design of the shed is wrong, things will go wrong again.

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