C sharp interview questions and answers for experienced pdf

Net interview questions are very useful for experienced Csharp professionals. C sharp interview questions and answers for experienced pdf garbage collection deals with circular references. Net – What are circular references? What are Extender provider components?

Net – What are Extender provider components? Explain how to use an extender provider in the project. Describe the configuration files in . Different types of configuration files. Net – Describe the accessibility modifier protected internal. Net – Difference between Debug. Explain the use of virtual, sealed, override, and abstract – The virtual keyword enables a class to be overridden.

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NET – Static members are not associated with a particular instance of any class. Polymorphism is when a class can be used as more than one type through inheritance. What are implementation inheritance and interface inheritance? Generic types to maximize code reuse, type safety, and performance. What is the use of System.

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