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Fire also disrupted soil aggregate stabilization by changing the chemical nature of SOC. The changes in organic C observed after the first c in depth by srivastava pdf free download season can be attributed to macroaggregate instability. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

Automatic regulation of working depth in seed drill. Working depth estimation based on eight sensors. Actuator command over ISO 11783, using hydraulics remote control and TIM. 50 mm, depending on the soil type and crop. The variation in the sowing depth causes variation in germination and the seeds placed too deep are not sprouting.

To compensate the spatial variation in soil type and conditions, an automatic depth control for a seed drill was developed. The seed drill used in this study was equipped with the wedge-roller type single-disc coulters that help in the working depth regulation but an electronic system is necessary on top of that. The developed electronic control system was compatible with ISO 11783 communication standard. The working depth was measured by using multiple sensors. The control system utilises ISO 11783 remote control messages to command the auxiliary valves of the tractor over ISO 11783 on the implement side. The system was tested on the field, at first to validate the measurement system and later to test the ability of the control system to adjust the working depth. The true samples of sowing depth were compared with working depth estimate in the same spot and it was found that the sowing depth was 1.

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