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Two individuals share the function of a network leader in system-building networks. High trust level, building your business case pdf project management, and clear boundaries are essential.

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High level of trust can be achieved by handpicking individual members. Introduction of substantial membership fee can increase members’ motivation. Companies that wish to launch innovative sustainability technologies can collaborate in strategic networks of actors from industry, government and research institutes to pro-actively build a business ecosystem around their new technology. This is called collective system building.

In this paper, we examine how to effectively manage networks for collective system building. Based on a review of the literature, we identify the key factors of effective network management and we propose a conceptual framework for network management at the network level. Subsequently, we conduct a multiple-case study in the Dutch smart grid sector to examine how these key factors are implemented by system-building networks. We find differences with the existing network management literature regarding network composition, network management structure, governance modes, decision-making processes, project management, the free-rider problem and trust-building mechanisms. Our study contributes to a better understanding of effective management of system-building networks, which in turn can lead to greater success in establishing new business fields.

We contribute to the literature on strategic business networks, specifically on emerging business networks building new business fields. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. PhD candidate at Utrecht University. She holds a degree in International Economics and in Business Management and teaches Corporate Social Responsibility, Marketing and Economics at the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Her research focuses on eco-innovations and strategic management in innovation ecosystems.

Assistant Professor of Innovation Studies at Utrecht University. Her research focuses on eco-innovation and the success of collaborations and networks. She also studies the role of the institutional environment on the innovation process. Professor of Sustainable Innovation at Utrecht University, strategic advisor of the Utrecht Sustainability Institute and director of her own consultancy firm on sustainable entrepreneurship. NOT just a site or blog. It’s never too late to save it with SBI!