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Before an advisor in the financial services sector is allowed to begin selling life insurance products, they must complete and pass LLQP, and earn a certificate of completion. Once the certification exam is completed, and criminal records checks are submitted, applicants may apply to their provincial insurance council to write the licensing exam. Once the provincial exam is completed and passed, the applicant may complete the requirements to apply for a license to sell life insurance, accident and sickness products, and life insurance related investment products like Breakdown of educational program international pdf funds and annuities.

LLQP is an entry level program. The full version combines life insurance and accident and sickness insurance training. S version covers accident and sickness insurance only. The LLQP does not provide a designation. It is simply the first hurdle towards earning a license to practice. Agent is defined as one who is financially rewarded for conducting said business. Canadian Insurers experienced some financial difficulties through the late 1980s, continuing on into the 1990s.

Canadian insurers, in an effort to raise capital and cut costs. Internally, many insurers, in an effort to cut costs, chose to eliminate their in-house sales forces. Almost all ‘career shops’ ceased to exist during this time. When the career shop was the entry point of choice into the insurance industry, it was normal for new agents to undertake an intensive training program, usually involving a combination of in-house training, field training, and head office training.

With the cost-cutting measures so prevalent through this period, it was still necessary for insurers to find ways to distribute their products. The difference, as far as the insurers were concerned, was in cost management. Instead of insurers tying up resources dealing with training and human resources management, this burden was now passed directly to the agents, through their MGAs. For Canadian regulators, this led to some concerns. 1997, determined that the decline of career shops and the subsequent move to the MGA system would hurt consumers. The problem that would arise would be that the process that was then in place that would allow a certificate to sell life insurance to be issued was expected to be complemented by an intensive training program.

Most MGAs had neither the interest nor the resources to carry out such a program. As a result, CCIR and CISRO announced that there would be a more rigorous examination and study process for those entering into the life insurance industry. The feeling was that by enforcing higher educational standards at the beginning, new agents would enter into the industry better prepared. CCIR and CISRO entered into a consultation period, during which time they enlisted the services of education professionals, industry input, and input from other regulatory bodies. The expectation is that every new life insurance agent should know these educational objectives. The educational objectives are based on .

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