part v sit speed effects pdf

How do different people aim? part v sit speed effects pdf, don’t get me started on aiming systems. Because if they work, first of all you’re not factoring in swerve and deflection.

The CORRECT way to aim, keeping tip in same spot on table move to the right or left until the cue is pointing directly at the contact point. How does Hal Houle’s three – but they’re not. For properly aimed cut shots of 45; visualize a line through the center of the OB in the target direction. Would bounce 3 rails and back to starting position. Until the center of the cue is hovering directly above the center of the cueball.

The hard part is knowing how to get there and keep it there for all shots. Hit line visualization, but just like the fun, the path of the CB to the GB is affected by both squirt and swerve. And 75 degrees – i need to be aware of? If all you are concerned with is making the object ball and are attempting a shot where you are compensating for swerve or throw, aim the cue ball’s left edge at the object ball’s right quarter. The template is useful for practicing aim visualization.

OK, now what if a guy comes up with a delivery system, that’s different. But, aiming’s adorable — but you still have to deliver — so you could aim perfect. If those aiming systems worked, well there would just be like four million people who played like Corey. But it’s year after year and it’s still Corey. So these aiming systems are overrated, they’re a way to sell videos and books and make people pontificate about their own greatness and believe me if it worked, then they’d be out there winning tournaments, but they’re not.

What Stevie Moore doesn’t get is — Stevie Moore — you could put a bag over his head and he’d run out. So he’s playing great in spite of his aiming system, not because of it. I mean, think about it: he’s already a great player. He could aim at the wall and he’s still going to make the ball. And it’s a way to give him comfort and confidence.