Arkansas secretary of state 2008 historical pdf

Every four years, unless re-elected. The state has had 45 elected governors, as well as 10 acting governors who assumed powers and duties following the resignation or death of the governor, totaling 55 distinct terms. Arkansas secretary of state 2008 historical pdf 13, 2015, after his election on November 4, 2014. This meant he was in fact the first person to perform the office of Governor of Arkansas Territory, since James Miller did not arrive in the territory until nine months after his appointment.

1876 July 5 — “We’ve Had Class Warfare for a Very Long Time. During this time, 2003 May 1, i saw your ad on kdqn. It was recreated in 1914, granting Pardon to Richard Nixon. Due to wider use, it was discovered that a 1910 law amended this requirement such that only a majority of the votes on the specific question was required. 1918 May 16; confederate States of America.

During this time, there was a single line of governors until the state began to fall to Union forces, at which point the Confederate government went into exile and a loyalist government was installed. Arkansas was readmitted to the Union on June 22, 1868. A referendum in 1992 limited governors to two terms. This led to some situations where the governorship changed hands in quick succession, due to senate terms ending or new senate presidents being elected.

1907, three senate presidents acted as governor before the next elected governor took office. Should the president of the senate be similarly incapacitated, the next in line for the governorship was the speaker of the state house of representatives. 1874 constitution removed it and returned to the original line of succession. Civil War, electing only candidates from the Democratic party.

Reconstruction, but after the Democratic Party re-established control, 92 years passed before voters chose another Republican. Archibald Yell – 2er Gouverneur Arkansas. Thomas Stevenson Drew – Gouverneur von Arkansas. Augustus Hill Garland – Brady-Handy. Simon Pollard Hughes, Jr – Gouverneur von Arkansas. Portrait of George Washington Donaghey. Charles Hillman Brough in 1916.

James Miller was appointed territorial governor on March 3, 1819, the same date the bill organizing Arkansaw Territory was signed. September, and took a non-direct route, finally arriving in the territory on December 26, 1819. At the time of his resignation, he had been absent from the territory for 18 months. Robert Crittenden, Secretary of the territory, acted as governor in his stead, though Crittenden himself was out of state when Izard arrived. The office was vacant from November 22, 1828, until March 9, 1829. Pope arrived in the territory in May 1829. The official numbering includes repeat governors and omits acting governors.