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Since its meaning is “crown”, it is interpreted as both the “topmost” of the Sephirot and 777 and other qabalistic writings pdf “regal crown” of the Sephirot. It is usually given three paths, to Chokmah, Tiphereth and Binah. What are the ten utterances? The first is supreme crown, blessed be His name and His people.

The first Sephirah is called the Crown, since a crown is worn above the head. The Crown therefore refers to things that are above the mind’s abilities of comprehension. All of the other Sephirot are likened to the body which starts with the head and wends its way down into action. But the crown of a king lies above the head and connects the concept of “monarchy”, which is abstract and intangible, with the tangible and concrete head of the king. But in this sense, although it contains all the potential for content, it contains no content itself, and is therefore called ‘Nothing’, ‘The Hidden Light’, ‘The air that cannot be grasped’. Being desire to bring the world into being, Keter is absolute compassion.

Moses from the burning bush. It is from the name Ehyeh that all kinds of sustenance emanate, coming from the source, which is the infinite”. Sephirot, in order that man might emulate his Creator. Humility is the first, because although Keter is the highest, it is ashamed to look at its cause, and instead gazes at those below it. One’s thoughts should be pure, one’s forehead should display no harshness, one’s ears should always turn to hear good, one’s eyes should distance themselves from noticing evil, always looking at the good, one’s nose should be free from the breath of anger, one’s face should always shine, and his mouth should express nothing except good. Who is God like you, who pardons iniquity and forgives the transgressions of the remnant of his heritage? He does not maintain His anger forever, for He delights in kindness.

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